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Top Ounces In Washington State Zips News

We are proud to supply our local communities with the top ounces of marijuana in the region. Not only do we have Tacoma and Seattle's Top Cannabis Strains, but we also have the best Cannabis Deals in the state! We are stocked with ounces of the top local strains like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Wedding Cake. We also have ounces of the rising star strains like Ice Cream Cake, GG4, Runtz, and Cookies strains. Even better, these top strains are brought to you by the best growers in the state! Including Artizen, Forbidden Farms, Legends, Buddy Boy Farm, Solstice, Jet City Gardens, and many more!

Below are some of our favorite top ounces available, from some of Washington state’s best growers. Our selection is absolutely massive when it comes to ounces of weed, and if you shop around you’ll see that we’ve also got the best prices! Even better, we have multiple locations throughout the Tacoma and Seattle areas that are conveniently located to better serve you!

Solstice+cannabis+ +wa+ounces


Solstice is a name that has been in the Seattle and Tacoma cannabis scene for over a decade, and was actually the first recognized cannabis brand way back in 2011. Zips carries the top marijuana flower ounces in strains like- Orange Cake, Purple Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Wedding Cake, and Sundae Driver.

Legends+ +blue+dream+cannabis


As the name would lead you to believe, Legends is a brand from Northwest Cannabis Solutions that is based around legendary strains. Zips looks to provide the top cannabis flower ounces and carries strains such as Hash Plant, Green Crack, Blue Dream, Ogre OG, and Cinderella from Legends.

Buddy+boy+farms+ +kraken+marijuana+strain


Buddy Boy Farm prides itself on it’s over 40 year experience in growing organic. Located in Eastern Washington, we go out of the way to get the top cannabis strains by the ounce from our friends at Buddy Boy Farm. We carry ounces of AK-47, ATF, Sour Diesel, Kandy Sherbert, The Kraken, and more!

Green+valley+management+ +marijuana+plant


Green Valley Management is a top ounce pick from Zips. If you’re looking to roll a blunt with some of the finest trim available, we’ve got the best prices on some of the most popular strains in Seattle and Tacoma. Strains like 707 Head Band, Gorilla Glue, Blue Raspberry Cough, Dutch Treat, Marion and Berry Kush are available by the ounce right now!



Mama J’s is a popular ounce purchase, both for quality and value. Zips carries some of their top strains by the ounce- strains not found elsewhere. Such as Fortune Cookies, Hardcore OG, MAC, Point Break, and Squirt.

Snickle+fritz+ +wa+weed


A term popularized by the movie Pineapple Express, Snickle Fritz is one of our top ounce purchases for Seattle and Tacoma smokers. Great, quality buds, at an amazing price. In some of your favorite strains such as Berry WHite, Blueberry Kush, GG4, Guava Cookies, and Kandy Kush

Wyatt+herb's+private+stash+ +ounces+of+weed


Wyatt Herbs ounces are in a class all their own. A fantastic flower at a great price. And Zips always has the best pricing on their top ounces, with strains like Grease Monkey, Adak, Neapolitan Mintz, Monkey Butter, and Tropicana Cookies regularly available. 

Jet+city+gardens+ +ounces+of+marijuana


Jet City Gardens is known for its distinctly smooth smoke, which is an effect of their 60 day ‘pure cure’, that starts with a 7-10 dry hang, and then is hand trimmed. We carry the top ounces in Washington state and our communities favorite strains, such as  Apollo 11, African Lime, Luna, Smile Berry, and G-13 Skunk.

Lifted+cannabis+ +available+by+the+ounce


Lifted has been around since before recreational cannabis was a thing. Starting in medical, they built a stellar reputation and became a leader in the market. We carry their  top cannabis strains by the ounce. Strains like Memory Loss, Marshmallow Sugar Cookies, Mint Julep, Alien OG, and Ice Cream Cake are available now.

Artizen+ +ounces+of+weed


Artizen is a favorite marijuana brand in the Tacoma and Seattle areas. Their zen-like practices of calm and thoughtful approach, has resulted in some of the most popular cannabis flower around. We carry the top ounces of Artizen at the best prices around. Strains like Dosi Pie, Dutchberry, Cascade Kush, Grape Ape, and Willie's Reserve are fan favorites.

Forbidden+farms+ +washington+cannabis


Forbidden Farms has a great variety of products to choose from. Highs, mids, lows- all available by the ounce! And we carry their top ounce strains such as Lodi Dodi, XJ-13, Purple Wookie, DJ Short Blueberry, and Plushberry.

Emerald+twist+ +marijuana+ounce


Emerald Twist is the first Certified Clean Green recreational cannabis in the nation. They are known for their premium, sun grown, slow-cured flower. We’re happy to carry ounces of their top strains, such as Blueberry Wreck, Bubble Gum, Omega, Lemon Kush, and Super Silver Haze.


There’s a lot of ounces available to consider! Stop by one of our locations in Tacoma or Seattle, and speak with one of our experienced and customer service oriented budtenders today! Or, if you already know what you’re after, order online now and have it ready for you when you get here! 

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