The Best Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Washington State

Zips Cannabis is proud to feature 7 medical marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma, Seattle, and Everett. If you have a medical cannabis card from the state of Washington, you will be able to purchase up to 3 ounces of marijuana, 21 grams of concentrates, 48 ounces of solid edibles, and 216 ounces liquid edibles at amazing prices.

Official Washington state medical marijuana dispensary All locations below are medically endorsed by the State of Washington
Zips,on,72nd Zips,on,72nd

Zips on 72nd

317 S 72nd St

Shop 72nd
Zips,on,38th Zips,on,38th

Zips on 38th

3213 S 38th St

Shop 38th
Zips,Downtown Zips,Downtown

Zips Downtown

2611 Pacific Ave

Shop downtown
Zips,on,106th Zips,on,106th

Zips on 106th

10422 Pacific Ave S B

Shop 106th
Zips,on,6th Zips,on,6th

Zips on 6th

5924 6th Ave

Shop 6th


2215 4th Ave S

Shop sodo
Zips,Everett Zips,Everett

Zips Everett

11311 Evergreen Way

Shop everett