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 Zips Cannabis has always been committed to bringing you the best cannabis strains grown right here in Washington state. Our dispensaries in Tacoma and Seattle are always searching for the best flower, vape carts, edibles, extracts, and more. 

When a strain becomes extremely popular, we start to see it get crossed with and incorporated into many other strains. One of the best examples of this is with the Girl Scout Cookies strain. The Girl Scout Cookies Strain was originally bred by grower Jai and made famous Berner. As this strain has exploded in popularity, we now offer dozens of Cookies varieties at Zips Cannabis dispensary in Tacoma and Seattle. 

Here is a list of all the different Cookies strains that our Tacoma dispensary on 38th Street offers. Keep in mind that we’re always adding new strains to our shelves, so this list is by no means exhaustive. 


Girl Scout Cookies

Also known as GSC, Girls Scout Cookies is the world famous cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. What makes GSC so popular is the mix of mental euphoria and physical relaxation that you get after smoking it. 

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies was created by crossing Peyote Purple with Cookies Kush. It is a very smooth indica grown by a handful of producers in Washington state including Dama Cannabis.  

Blueberry Cookies

Blueberry Cookies is a cross of Blueberry Tahoe and Girl Scout Cookies. It smells just like it sounds; a mix of blueberries and freshly baked cookies. Blueberry Cookies offers an intense head high while relaxing your muscles.

Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream is a hybrid cross between Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies. It provides long-lasting relief and helps with getting a good night’s sleep. Cookies & Cream took first place in the hybrid category of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.

Tangie Cookies

If you’re starting to catch on to the pattern here, you’ll probably guess that Tangie Cookies is a cross between Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. The Tangie shines through, with a strong orange smell and very uplifting effects. A budtender favorite at Zips is the impeccable Tangerine Cookies from Rocket Cannabis.

Jungle Cookies

Jungle Scout Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Jungle Kush with Girl Scout Cookies. It has gas undertones and a very potent high. 

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies combines Orange Juice with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain smells like an orange, and offers a mix of physical calm with a euphoric head buzz.

Frosted Cookies

Frosted Cookies is a Indica dominant hybrid that comes directly from it’s GSC parent. It has frost covered buds that smell of earthy Kush. Frosted Cookies is great for pain and helping to relax at the end of the day.

Platinum Cookies

Like Frosted Cookies, Platinum Cookies owes its lineage entirely to Girl Scout Cookies. Platinum Cookies smells like berry and candy, and is also great for unwinding at the end of the day. 

Cookies & Chem

Cookies & Chem is a cross of the Girl Scout Cookies, Starfighter and Stardawg. This Indica-dominant strain often results in a strong couch lock feeling, so it is best to use at the end of the day. 

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is the child Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Like Cookies & Chem, Animal Cookies can also result in powerful couchlock and extreme relaxation feelings. 

Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies, a sativa dominant hybrid, is a cross between Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. This strain will energize both your body and mind, great for long hikes or other outdoor activities.

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Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. Like Orange Cookies and Tangerine Cookies, this strain smells of citrus and leaves your mind feeling energized and your body relaxed. 

Pink Cookies

Pink Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. It boasts very colorful buds and a distinct cherry aroma. Since both of its parents are hybrids, it is a very well balanced strain for almost any occasion. Here in Washington state, one of the most notable growers of Pink Cookies is Northwest Cannabis Solutions who offers Pink Cookies under its Private Reserve product line.

OG Cookies

OG Cookies is a hybrid strain containing a mixture of both, Indica and Sativa varieties. It is created by crossing OG Kush with Girl Scout Cookies. It is great for full body relaxation and easing deep pain. 

Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. You can expect a large amount of euphoria mixed with full body relaxation from its Blueberry parent. 

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Lemon Sugar Cookies is a sativa-leaning hybrid resulting from Lemon Haze and Girl Scout Cookies. Lemon Sugar Cookies has a strong citrus aroma and gives you an intense burst of energy. 

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Grape Cookies

Grape Cookies is an indica-dominant cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Kush. This strain offers a wonderful blend of happy and sedative effects, great for getting a good night's sleep with happy dreams.

Sin Mint Cookies

Sin Mint Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power. This strain offers a mix of full-body relaxation and euphoria. It smells like mint cookies with a slightly earthy aftertaste.

Clown Cookies

Clown Cookies is a cross between Clowns Kush and Animal Cookies (which is a cross between GSC and Fire OG). This is an extremely potent strain that offers experienced users intense physical relaxation mixed with a mental energy boost. 


These are just some of the Cookies strains that we have in stock at Zips Cannabis. Shop online at our 38th Stree dispensary to see our full menu and place an order for pickup today!

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