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We have the friendliest and most knowledgeable budtenders in Tacoma and Seattle. They’re customer service oriented, and genuinely want to help people find the best weed available at the best deals possible. Since we are Zips, we LOVE selling ounces of weed. Top Washington State Ounces are some of the best selling and most popular zips for sale. But, we wanted to ask some of the budtenders at our dispensaries what their favorite ounces are. Below you’ll find some of our teams favorite Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains available by the ounce. When you visit one of our locations, be sure to ask what your budtender is currently smoking.

Legends+ +blue+dream+strain+cannabis+plantLEGENDS- BLUE DREAM (SATIVA)

Blue Dream is without a doubt one of Washington's Favorite Weed Strains. So it’s not a huge surprise when we had multiple budtenders tell us that their favorite ounce to purchase was Blue Dream from Legends. A mid-range flower brand with exceptional value, Legends produces some high-quality weed at a great price. Blue Dream stands out as a favorite with our budtenders in part of its uplifting, balanced high. Not leaving you stuck in the couch.

Jet city gardens apollo 11JET CITY GARDENS- APOLLO 11 (HYBRID)

Apollo 11 is probably a strain you haven’t heard much about, but that’s about to change. A well balanced hybrid strain, Apollo 11 from Jet City Gardens is another one of our budtenders favorite ounces to buy themselves. With quality that far exceeds the price, Jet City Gardens accomplishes this because they’re ‘all about the cure’. Their plants are hung for 7-10 days before being put into stainless steel containers specifically designed for curing. This helps break down the chlorophyll, which leads to an extremely clean and smooth smoke.

Noble farms atf strainNOBLE FARMS- ATF (SATIVA)

Another Sativa our budtenders are crazy about, ATF (aka Alaskan Thunder Fuck), has been a Top Cannabis Strain for decades. Originating in Alaska, ATF has become a legendary strain all across the United States. Part of this is its uplifting and energetic effects. Paired with a strong scent of lemon, orange, and skunk. Noble Farms is local to Tacoma, and their ATF stands out when you’re buying by the ounce. High quality, reasonable price, and a favorite with budtenders. Definitely worth checking out!

Rocket cannabis cake crasher plantROCKET CANNABIS- CAKE CRASHER (INDICA)

If you’re after an ounce of some high-end Indica flower, look no further than Cake Crasher from Rocket Cannabis. Our budtenders frequently recommend strains from Rocket Cannabis thanks to their premium and consistent quality. They have a number of great strains available by the ounce, but our budtenders frequently buy zips of Cake Crasher for its strong body high, which is great at the end of the day.

Lifted cannabis cement shoesLIFTED- CEMENT SHOES (INDICA)

If a name could ever clearly represent a strain, Cement Shoes would be it. Lifted Cannabis has done a stellar job growing this insanely potent strain of weed. Our budtenders are buying it by the ounce because the quality is superb. Another major component that is causing our staff to buy large amounts of it regularly, is the heavy body high after a highly enjoyable earthy and citrus flavor and aroma. Not recommended for new smokers, or if you have anything to get done.


Zips Cannabis is proud to serve the communities of Tacoma and Seattle, the communities we live in ourselves. We have multiple locations conveniently located across the region. Providing Western Washington with the best cannabis products at the lowest prices imaginable. We carry an extensive selection of smoking accessories along with cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more! Stop by and chat with our budtenders about what they’re smoking. And if you’re ready, you can order online now and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive.

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