Pink Runtz Available at Seattle & Tacoma Dispensaries

Pinks Runtz Available in Seattle Zips News

Currently one of the most popular strains in the nation, Pink Runtz started in Cali and has now spread across the nation. The strain is a rare phenotype of a cross between Zkittles and Gelato. Both Zittles and Gelato come from the Girls Scout Cookies strain, created by great genetics and amazing growers in the Bay Area, California. Like it’s parents Zkittles and Gelato, Pink Runtz is know for it’s extremely fruity aroma and taste. 


Pink Runtz flowers are one of the more colorful cannabis flowers available, with especially great bag appeal. The buds range from dark green to deep purple, with a creamy fruit taste. Pink Runtz usually comes in at 26-30% THC on average, leaving you unfocused, giggly, and relaxed. It’s a great social high to enjoy with friends or by yourself to relax after work. Mood swings, PTSD, depression, nausea, and chronic fatigue just some of the conditions that Pink Runtz can help with. 


While Pink Runtz is relatively new to Washington, you can find Pink Runtz at our Seattle Cannabis dispensary in SODO or any of our Tacoma dispensaries. If you want to try another pink product in a disposable vape form, pick up a Pink Lychee Micro Bar Vape in Tacoma today. 

As you can guess from the name, we offer the best flower deals in WA state. You can routinely find ounces for as cheap as $49. So swing by today to pick up a big bag of Pink Runtz while you still can!

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