5 Great Edibles Available at Zips Cannabis

Here at the best pot shop in Tacoma, we like to keep things interesting, so we spend a lot of time hunting for the best cannabis products. We’re always on the lookout for the weed edibles and beverages that are delicious and deliver the perfect high. We’re really proud of our curated menu of THC and CBD candies and other treats. Check out some our latest favs:

Northwest Cannabis Solutions Blue Raspberry Marmas CBD 250mg

With a texture similar to a Starburst and a nostalgic blue raspberry flavor, these NWCS Marmas deliver a soothing dose of CBD. One candy is the perfect amount to take the edge off your day or settle into a relaxing evening.

Northwest Cannabis Solutions Magic Kitchen Strawberry Lemonade Pebbles 100mg

If you’re looking for a great deal on THC edibles, you can’t go wrong with these fruity pebbles from Northwest Cannabis Solutions. Nothing like a tangy burst of strawberry lemonade and THC to get you through a long Washington winter.

1:1 Phat Panda-PANDA Candies- Sour Watermelon 100mg

Here at Tacoma’s best cannabis store, we love all the Phat Panda Candies, but sour watermelon is a particular favorite. With its bright blast of perfect watermelon flavor and perfect ratio of THC and CBD, this candy is as sweet and fun as a summer day.

Green Revolution Mango Tropical Storm 30mg

Mango Tropical storm delivers a fruity and relaxing dose of CBD with just a touch of THC to elevate your mood. We love this drink’s kicky tropical flavor, which has no hint of cannabis. Plus, it’s packed with electrolytes and antioxidants to keep you hydrated and healthy.

C4 Canna Burst Indica-Strawberry Surge 100mg

These chewy candies have a bright and nuanced strawberry flavor and deliver a deeply relaxing dose of indica—perfect for a lazy Sunday or decompressing from a long day. We love the stoney and calming quality of Canna Burst cannabis edibles.